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By Francois Fressin, Mary-Jo Waeber

How scorching is Venus? are you able to distinguish among a pulsar and a quasar? Is there a universe or a multiverse? the place will we healthy into the infinitely grand scheme of items? How can we map the Cosmic Microwave history? such a lot tantalizing of all: Is there a person in the market? The solutions to those and plenty of different far-out questions lie on your palms. Everyone’s staring at on the heavens, yet a voyage during the star-studded contents of this booklet will blow your brain. Astronomy encapsulates the terrifying hugeness of the cosmos into bite-size debris that mere earthlings can comprehend: 50 fantastic discoveries introduced all the way down to Earth utilizing not more than pages, three hundred phrases, and an image. This one small quantity takes you on a cosmic journey, laying off gentle at the so much remarkable of gadgets and locations, explaining a few very vast principles, thoughts, and discoveries, and providing the scientists and observers who've performed rather a lot to crack lifestyles, the Universe, and every little thing. Welcome aboard.

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Venus has more than 100 volcanoes, with solidified rivers of lava on their sides. Most terrestrial volcanoes are due to upwelling magma penetrating the surface of a planet at the edges of colliding tectonic plates – Venus has no tectonic plates and its volcanoes are fed through weak surface spots. 3-SECOND BANG In some respects Earth’s twin, the planet Venus has suffered global catastrophes that have made its surface hellish – hot, black rock beneath a sulphurous sky. 3-MINUTE ORBIT Space vehicles sent to Venus must be strengthened to withstand the atmospheric pressure (about 90 times the pressure on Earth) and proofed against sulphuric acid rain falling from the clouds.

It has been known since at least 240BC, was seen during the Norman Conquest of England in 1066, and was represented in the Bayeux Tapestry that recorded the conquest. Last seen in 1986, it will appear again in 2061. Kuiper Belt Doughnut-shaped region in the outer solar system, billions of kilometers from our Sun, containing small bodies and dwarf planets, including Pluto. Because their orbit lies beyond that of Neptune, they are often called ‘trans-Neptunian objects’. nuclear fusion The combination (fusion) of two atomic nuclei to form a heavier nucleus, accompanied by the release of energy.

Space & Time charts the principles that rule the motions of astrophysical objects, and how much we can learn by studying the light we receive from them. The final section, Other Worlds, leads us back to the beginning, humans on Earth observing the sky, wondering if there are other Earths like ours – and other life. It features the recent discovery of planets orbiting stars other than the Sun. Each section profiles a herald of research in each field, summarizing the lives of exceptional scientists like Edwin Hubble or Carl Sagan.

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