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This unsettling ebook experiences particular cases of “holy struggle” as proposed within the holy books of the most important religion traditions, and illustrates how bellicose, war-like language is used to give an explanation for the religious quest. the writer proposes that this intermingling of warfare and spirituality prepares the inhabitants for the arriving of struggle. conflict as religious perform looks inevitable, because of this religio-violent schooling that's woven via all religion traditions. The institutional mixing of the sacred and human aggression seem to be basic to human society. the second one component of the booklet particularizes this dynamic inside of our modern, American social and political milieu. It concentrates at the political language and speeches of yankee politicians on the grounds that 2002, following the run-up to the Iraq struggle and its continuation during the last decade, exhibiting precisely how this mystical/war conflation permeates American society. This e-book has huge power readership, together with teachers and lay readers fascinated by the fields of conflict, political technology, peace and clash solution, faith, spirituality and common social background. scholars from West aspect to St. John’s of Annapolis will locate it tough and informative, possibly altering their notion of conflict, faith and human society

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15–16th centuries). The end of the Stone Age saw the first urban communities and, in some cases, the institutional killing of children . . the urban temple, the foundation of the whole city, had to be seen as holier and more powerful, more 31 A Fatal Addiction: War in the Name of God attractive to gods, than any other altar. Human sacrifice emerged as the price required to assure divine favor in building a city, the means of making the urban temple the ultimate altar. 87 This dynamic of sacrificing a human to God was still central to religion up until the very threshold of recorded history.

Reported on the ancient practice of human sacrifice in Carthage (c. ; a Phoenician center in what is today Tunisia), detailing one event in which 200 children were selected for sacrifice in a time of war and another 100 were volunteered by their parents for “participation” in the rite. Diodorus also situates human sacrificial rites within the Egyptian (c. ), Celtic (c. ) and Messenian Greek (c. 89 Ritual slaughter of the most powerful member of a society was systematized in the Babylonian creation myth.

Provided a first-person account of a human sacrificial ritual. He related that a man was chosen on account of his ugliness and was fed figs and other delicacies. After this, he was whipped with a fig branch on his membrum virile. He was then burned and his ashes scattered in the sea. Other eyewitness accounts portray the Pharmakos (scapegoat, or healing object) as being simply driven out of the community after a period of humiliation and whipping. Many such descriptions exist: On dire occasions such as plague .

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