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By E. C. Coles and D. W. Hill (Auth.)

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Dollery (1971). ' Vol 207, p. 10 by courtesy of the authors and Editor o / T h e Practitioner^/ 49 SYSTEMS ANALYSIS AND DESIGN human behaviour is often illogical and inconsistent, or it may be the product of an intentional simpHfication to illustrate only the broad principles of a process. OUTLINE SPECIFICATION Having obtained some insight into the usefulness of different items of data and any existing processing of them, it should be possible to start to design the new system. The first stage of this process is the produc­ tion of an outline specification of the proposed system.

It means that the program can take one course of action if the data have certain properties, and a different course if they have different properties. In the jump instruction just considered the 10-bit field used in other instructions to contain an address of an item of data, was used to contain the address of a program instruction. In a similar way, the 10-bit field in an instruction may be used to contain a number which is not interpreted as an address but simply as a number. Thus the instruc­ tion SBN5,F could mean 'SuBtract the Number' five from the contents of the loca­ tion called F.

In this process, each item of information should be analysed and a number of questions about it should be answered. , the values of the systoUc and diastolic blood pressure readings are rarely more accurate than the near­ est 5 mmHg. ' might be regarded as being more objective than a cHnician's categorization of 'dyspeptic facies'. ' Answering this question may be a great deal more difficult than might be supposed. It is insufficient merely to say that this item adds to the total impression of a patient formed by a cHnician from which he makes a diagnosis and decides on treatment.

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