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The illustrations that follow demonstrate the mechanisms proposed and the measures of care to be taken. Observe a hydrostatic model to illustrate the technique. In black, a model of a “rod” which will be used as an instrument for drainage and two tubes in white, full of liquid simulating a lymphatic vessel. 36 Observe a lymphography showing lymphatic vessels in lower limbs, which are nothing more than conduits which transport lymph. 37 Since we are dealing with a compressible vessel, gliding by rolling the rod will allow the drainage of its content.

46 DRAINAGE OF THE HEAD AND NECK Lymphatic drainage of the head and neck is performed following four pathways: the anterior or of the facial vessels, the parotid, the retroauricular and the occipital. In this region, greatest care should be taken during lymphatic drainage. The supraclavicular fossa is the place of greatest proximity to the thoracic and right lymphatic ducts; therefore, it is the site at which drainage should be started, unless there exists an indication to the contrary. All lymphatic trunks lead towards the lymphatic ducts that drain into the venous system, at the junction of the subclavian and jugular veins.

Health professionals exert an extremely important function for lymphatic patients. However, any solitary action on part of the professional should be considered illegitimate, because the doctor is absolutely responsible for all and each of the therapeutic steps performed. Other secondary effects caused by the drainage are: a)an action on the vegetative nervous system producing parasympathetic stimulation leading to relaxation; b)a sedative action of algic reflexes; c)an action on ganglia with immunological effects.

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