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She let him vent his displeasure loudly for another few minutes, responding with the occasional monosyllabic murmur of agreement when appropriate while she allowed herself to be carried along by the seething mass of bodies, fellow stranded travellers who were all heading in the same direction, towards the exit. Getting a taxi was going to be a nightmare. Megan mentally prepared herself for a long wait. Maybe she should simply camp out in the airport overnight? ‘And don’t expect me to fork out for fancy hotels.

I’ve lost touch since Luis retired. ’ Ignoring the sarcasm of her retort, Charles mused thoughtfully, ‘The Rios family have strong South American connections, connections that could be very useful if the Ortega deal proves viable. Actually, even if it doesn’t there are—’ Shaking her head, Megan cut her father off mid-flow. ’ her father said, sounding suitably bewildered and hurt by the accusation. ‘Emilio Rios was Philip’s friend, not mine. ’ Two years ago he had been well on the way to becoming a carbon copy of his aristocratic, aloof father.

He didn’t. He was still fond of Rosanna, but then that had been the problem: he had been fond of Rosanna just as she had been fond of him. It was one of the many things they had in common, and they had both agreed that mutual respect and common interests were a much stronger foundation for a successful marriage than anything as transitory as romantic love. Madre di Dios, he really had been that stupid! The marriage had, of course, been doomed, but Emilio had been spared the painful task of telling Rosanna that there was ‘someone else’.

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