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By Corentin Schreiber

This thesis provides a pioneering approach for gleaning the utmost details from the inner most photographs of the far-infrared universe acquired with the Herschel satellite tv for pc, achieving galaxies fainter via an order of significance than in earlier reports. utilizing those fine quality measurements, the writer first demonstrates that the majority of galaxy big name formation didn't ensue in merger-driven starbursts over ninety% of the background of the universe, which means that galaxy development is as an alternative ruled via a gradual infall of subject. the writer additional demonstrates that huge galaxies endure a gentle decline of their big name formation task, delivering an alternate course for galaxies to forestall celebrity formation. one of many key unsolved questions in astrophysics is how galaxies got their mass during cosmic time. within the average idea, the merging of galaxies performs an important function in forming new stars. Then, previous galaxies all of sudden cease forming stars via an unknown method. Investigating this thought calls for an impartial degree of the famous person formation depth of galaxies, which has been unavailable end result of the dirt obscuration of stellar light.

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2009; Magdis et al. 2010; Heinis et al. 2013; Pannella et al. , Stark et al. 2009; Bouwens et al. 2012; Stark et al. 2013; González et al. 2014; Steinhardt et al. 2014; Salmon et al. 2015) suggested instead a radically new paradigm. The tightness of this correlation is indeed not consistent with the idea that most stars are formed in frequent random bursts induced by processes like major mergers of gas-rich galaxies, and favors more stable star formation histories (Noeske et al. 2007). Furthermore, systematic studies of the dust properties of the “average galaxy” at different redshifts show that LIRGs at z = 1 and ULIRGs at z = 2 bear close resemblance to normal star-forming galaxies at z = 0.

Calcium). (c) These prominent features in the mid-infrared between λ = 5 and 15 µm are created by a combination of numerous emission lines which are emitted by large carbonated molecules, called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). This is a peculiar type of dust grain typically found within star-forming regions. They are relatively fragile, and tend to be destroyed by too intense radiation fields. Their connection to physical processes inside galaxies are still not very well understood. (d) This is the emission of normal dust grains, re-emitting the stellar light that was absorbed.

2014). , Whitaker et al. 2012, 2014; Magnelli et al. 2014). I also revisit this observation in Chap. 2 (Sect. 3). Several explanations have been put forward to account for this observation. In particular, it is possible to make a link with the quenching process. Indeed, the evolution of the slope is such that massive star-forming galaxies tend to have lower sSFRs than low mass galaxies, and this discrepancy is growing larger with time. This is strangely mimicking the evolution of the quiescent galaxies, which are predominantly found among massive galaxies, and grow more numerous as time goes.

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