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By Stephen R. Munzer

This publication represents a big new assertion at the factor of estate rights. It argues for the justification of a few rights of non-public estate whereas displaying why unequal distributions of personal estate are indefensible.

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We can always imagine a straight strip having a small portion (element) in common with the curved strip; similarly with respect to the osculating circle. The definitions in this case are regarded as holding only approximately, or as far as may be necessary. * Die Lehre von den Kegelschnitten im Altertum, übersetzt von R. v. FischerBenzon, Kopenhagen, Host, 1886. f Greek geometry from Thaies to Euclid, Dublin, Hodges, 1889. MATHEMATICAL CHARACTER OF SPACE-INTUITION. 43 The " exact " mathematicians will of course say that such definitions are not definitions at all.

The group of 0015 substitutions considered yesterday in line-geometry is also a group of contact-transformations, both the collineations and reciprocations having this character. e. e. also a surface). These transformations of curves will here be considered as transforming the elements of the points or curves into the elements of the surface. Finally, we have examples of contact-transformations, not only in the transformations of spheres discussed in the last lecture, but even in the general transition from the linegeometry of Plücker to the sphere-geometry of Lie.

123-140. 46 • LECTURE VI. Pasch's idea of building up the science purely on the basis of the axioms has since been carried still farther by Peano, in his logical calculus. Finally, it must be said that the degree of exactness of the intuition of space may be different in different individuals, perhaps even in different races. It would seem as if a strong naïve space-intuition were an attribute pre-eminently of the Teutonic race, while the critical, purely logical sense is more fully developed in the Latin and Hebrew races.

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