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By D. Graham Burnett

While Princeton historian D. Graham Burnett responded his jury accountability summons, he anticipated to spend a couple of days catching up on his studying within the court docket ready room. as a substitute, he reveals himself thrust right into a high-pressure position because the jury foreman in a long island trial. There he comes nose to nose with a gorgeous act of violence, a maze of conflicting facts, and a parade of unusual witnesses. however it is later, at the back of the closed door of the jury room, that he encounters the essence of the jury adventure — he and 11 voters from greatly various backgrounds needs to hammer consensus out of misunderstanding and robust confrontation. by the point he arms over the jury’s verdict, Burnett has passed through actual transformation, not only in his perspective towards the criminal procedure, yet in his knowing of himself and his peers.

Offering a compelling court drama and an intimate and infrequently funny portrait of a fractious jury, an ordeal by way of Jury is usually a finely nuanced exam of legislation and justice, own accountability and civic responsibility, and the dynamics of energy and authority among twelve equivalent humans.

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