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By James Ward

We're surrounded by means of stationery: half-chewed Cristal Bics and bent paper clips, rubber bands to mess around with or ping, blunt pencils, rubbers and Tipp-ex are imperative elements of our daily atmosphere. loads in order that we by no means take into consideration the place they arrive from, why they're the best way they're - or what tales they could need to inform. yet fortunately, James Ward does and he is the following to inform you all in regards to the mystery pull stationery exerts on our lives. in the end, who continues to be unmoved by means of the sight of a pristine blu-tak slab, or the 1st unmarked sheet of a new notepad? And which of humanity's brightest principles did not begin lifestyles on a scrap of paper, a Post-it, or within the margins of a laptop? Exploring the tales in the back of those daily gadgets, Ward finds stories of invention - unintentional and superb - and sour contention. He additionally asks the questions you by no means concept you had: who's Mr Pritt? What does shatter-proof resistant suggest? what percentage pens does Argos use? And what does layout evolutions in table organisers suggest for society?This witty and enjoyable booklet, jam-packed with attention-grabbing evidence, will switch how you examine your table, pencil case or stationery cabinet endlessly.

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The box looked like it must have been from the late 1970s. It was covered in dust. It didn’t look like anyone had picked it up for years; it had just been stuck at the back of a shelf, forgotten about. I had to own it. I took it to the counter to pay. The man behind the counter looked for a barcode, but there wasn’t one – it came from a time before barcode scanners. 10 (this couldn’t be the original price, surely? It was too expensive. ). The man behind the counter shrugged, keyed the price into the till and, as I paid, he made a note of the item in a little stock book.

I’m not interested in haberdashery. I’m interested in stationery. But does it even matter? I’d never heard of the brand until I found an old box in a shop in Worcester Park. Why should I care about their history? But the more I thought about Velos, the more I thought about other companies. I thought about companies I’d never even heard of. If there was Velos, who else was out there? This, in its own small way, is part of our cultural heritage and names that were once well known have disappeared, barely leaving any sign that they existed in the first place.

Modelling the barrel of the pen on the hexagonal body of a traditional wooden pencil, PPA’s Décolletage Plastique design team created the now familiar design. By the end of 1950, the new ballpoint was ready to be released. The ‘h’ from the end of Bich’s surname was dropped to form the now familiar ‘BIC’ brand, and the pen was originally sold by la société PPA (it would be another two years before the formation of la société BIC). 50 today) and the luxury Guilloché (200 old francs, about £5 today).

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