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With usa involvement in Afghanistan, wisdom of the rustic is primary. This "handbook" explains a few easy concerns that are supposed to be within the wisdom "toolbox" of a Marine operating with Afghanis or deployed to the rustic.

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A legal case may make use of religion, but religion is not the determining factor in most legal cases. • Simply put, a religious denomination, such as Methodism, Catholicism, or Judaism, doesn’t have the power to rule on a case of adultery in a civil court or on a case of fraud in a criminal court. The United States has a secular system of law; religion plays no direct part in such a system. Islamic View If you look at Islam, the perspective is different. Islamic law consists of guidelines and rules that determine all aspects of a Muslim’s life from how to perform ritual prayer to conducting business transactions.

Detection of a P-3. • Killing of 120 enemy personnel. Afghanistan: An Intro to the Country and People 33 Capturing Kandahar Background Kandahar was a Taliban stronghold, the center of their power. The Taliban refused to surrender the city to Afghan Southern Alliance forces, and Al Qaida began to slaughter local Afghanis who were surrendering. Finally, on December 6, 2001, the city fell. S. Special Forces on December 13, 2001. • By December 14, TF58 had established a second FOB at the Kandahar airport.

Drinking alcohol is forbidden. Punishment is based exclusively on the Qur’an, for example: • The right hand should be amputated for theft. • Adulterers should be stoned to death. • Murder and sexual deviation are punishable by beheading. To this day Saudi Arabia uses these punishments, especially beheading for capital crimes. Bin Laden and the Taliban The kind of radically, conservative state that the Taliban had developed in Afghanistan had roots in Wahhabism, which inspires and feeds on the Taliban’s fundamentalist religiosity.

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