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Timing 34 strikes was the was another influence. In Operation Strangle, Allied bombers pounded the Italian transportation system, attempting to cut the flow of supplies to the Italian front. Right: Railroad yards at Pisa, Italy were twisted and mangled by Allied bombs. Below: Ships and port facilities at Naples took direct hits from the Fifteenth Air Force. 35 Major General I"artridge, FEAF Commander, and his deputy, Maj. Gen. Laurence C. Craigie, pose for photographers beside a wing-tip fuel tank, especially developed for the F-80.

Only occasionally would enemy aircraft come south and strike us. My base, for example, which was in the Foggia area, perhaps 90 miles behind the front lines, wasn't struck the entire time that I was there, which showed that we pretty much controlled the air. We were shot at, but by our own antiaircraft artillery. It couldn't hit us very well, so it didn't do a great deal of damage. Another factor influencing camouflage the effect of interdiction of resources by the enemy. Timing 34 strikes was the was another influence.

44 AIR INTERDICTION , %%~,,~,""~ An F-80 Shooting Star takes off for a mission fuel tanks on the wings Partridge: give the aircraft over Korea, additional combat December 1950, The enlarged range. We more or less continued what we did in Europe. We did reasonably well in the daytime, then the enemy started operating on roads, bridges, and so on at night. Our equipment for night reconnaissance and night attacks was very limited. The B-26, for example, had its forward guns fixed. You fire off a blast, and you lost your night vision for quite awhile.

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