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By Pamela Bloom

The second one revised version of this consultant, previously "Fieldings Amazon", with jungle treks, canoe journeys, jeep rides and cruises, in addition to trip within the towns of Belem, Manaus, and Santarem. wide natural world sections, journey arrangements, future health issues, cultural features, eco-travel and old history are incorporated.

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Myth 5: Nobody lives in the forest. As late as a Census Bureau report in 1985, it was generally believed by the Brazilian public that there were no people in the Amazon forest. In truth, there are over two million people, including Indians, rubber tappers, river dwellers, nut gatherers and herb collectors who inhabit the forest. Legends Legends and superstitions seem to lurk behind every plant or animal in the Amazon jungle; don't hesitate to ask locals about their folk beliefs. Among the most "enchanted'' of jungle beings are botos, or dolphins, who are thought to transform themselves at night into white-suited cads and seduce young virgins.

Edward Sanovicz, Department Chief of Tourism, City of Santos (São Paulo, Brazil) TO MY READERS Picture this: I'm 10 years old, a definite non-camper stuck in the backwoods of Texas, and I'm facing what was for me - then - the epitome of horror: an outdoor latrine. No amount of soothing from my Scout leader could console me, so I spent the entire weekend whining and about to throw up. Little could my troop leader imagine that some umpteen years later, I would grow up to eat, sleep, and tramp joyously through the Amazon forest.

The 31-year-old son of a rancher who hated Mendes finally confessed to the murder, but general opinion conceded that the father, Darli Alves, was to blame. In 1993, father and son escaped from a loosely secure prison in Rio Branco, Acre, and have not been found. Following the murder of Mendes, Hollywood descended on his family and his wife, Ilzamar. The 1990s will be decisive for Amazônia. Before the dawning of the third millennium, planners and policy-makers must decide whether the world's largest remaining area of tropical rainforest will follow much of Africa and Asia down the path of irreversible destruction, or whether the resources for this vast region will be harnessed for the benefit of Brazilian society and the world as a whole.

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