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By Joseph P. Mazurek, Julie Wrend, Clay Smith, Conference of Western Attorneys General

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Authority to enter into compacts 366 ii. Compact provisions and approval 367 iii. Good-faith litigation 369 D. Federal Civil and Criminal Enforcement Authority 374 Page xii Chapter 13 Indian Child Welfare Act 377 I. ICWA Applicability 378 II. Jurisdiction Under the ICWA 384 A. Exclusive Tribal Jurisdiction 384 B. Preferred Tribal Jurisdiction 388 III. State Court Adjudication of Child Custody Proceedings 393 A. Involuntary Proceedings 393 B. Voluntary Proceedings 396 C. Placement Preferences 397 IV.

Supp. D. Ohio 1983) (holding summons provision of Internal Revenue Code applicable to tribal member), with Reich v. 3d 490, 49396 (7th Cir. 1993) (implying exemption for tribal game wardens from overtime compensation requirements under Fair Labor Standards Act); and EEOC v. Fond du Lac Heavy Equip. & Constr. 2d 246 (8th Cir. C. Davis L. Rev. 85, 139 (1991) (criticizing presumptive applicability arising under Tuscarora and Coeur d'Alene Tribal Farm approaches and suggesting a test that "would infer congressional intent to apply general federal laws from the existence of an overriding national interest in applying the law to reservation Indians'').

7Id. at 1718. 8United States v. S. 375, 381 (1886); accord Roff v. S. 218, 221 (1897). S. ) 543 (1823). 12 Application of the doctrine of discovery in Johnson has been criticized harshly,13 but it provided, when read together with Cherokee Nation, a straightforward conceptual approach to adjusting the boundaries of federal, state, and tribal jurisdiction in matters wholly unrelated to land transfers. The first use of this approach occurred a year after Cherokee Nation in Worcester v. 15 The minister challenged the state statute upon which his conviction was predicated, and, following a lengthy analysis of the doctrine of discovery,16 pre-Revolution English practice concerning land grants and dealings with tribes,17 the language of various post-Revolution treaties between the United States and the Cherokee Nation,18 and the commitment under both the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution of Indian affairs to the national government,19 Chief Justice Marshall found the Georgia law 10Id.

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