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By Judy Barrett Litoff, Virginia d'Albert-Lake

This attention-grabbing publication tells the extraordinary tale of a typical American woman's heroism within the French Resistance. Virginia Roush fell in love with Philippe d'Albert-Lake in the course of a trip to France in 1936; they married quickly after. In 1943, they either joined the Resistance, the place Virginia placed her existence in jeopardy as she sheltered downed airmen and later survived a Nazi felony camp. After the warfare, she stayed in France with Philippe, and was once offered the Lgion d'Honneur and the Medal of Honor. She died in 1997.Judy Barrett Litoff brings jointly infrequent documents-Virginia's diary of wartime France till her seize in 1944 and her criminal memoir written instantly after the struggle. Masterfully edited, they impart the compassion and sturdiness of an almost forgotten heroine as they supply a useful list of the workings of the Resistance by way of one of many only a few American girls who participated in it.An indelible portrait of amazing power of personality . . . [D'Albert-Lake] is sombre, reflective, and responsive to each detail.-The New Yorker A sharply etched and relocating tale of affection, companionship, dedication, and sacrifice. . . . This superbly edited diary and memoir throw an unique gentle at the French Resistance.-Robert Gildea, writer of Marianne in Chains: looking for the German profession, 1940-1945 immediately a beautiful self-portrait and dramatic narrative of a valorous younger American lady . . . a thrilling and gripping tale, the best of the various wartime tales.-Walter CronkiteAn enchanting story which brims with courageous airmen and plucky heroines.-David Kirby, St. Petersburg instances

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