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By Alberto Cialdea, Flavia Lanzara, Paolo Emilio Ricci

This quantity contains numerous invited lectures given on the foreign Workshop "Analysis, Partial Differential Equations and Applications", held on the Mathematical division of Sapienza collage of Rome, at the social gathering of the seventieth birthday of Vladimir G. Maz'ya, a popular mathematician and one of many major specialists within the box of natural and utilized research. The ebook goals at spreading the seminal principles of Maz'ya to a bigger viewers in colleges of sciences and engineering. in reality, all articles have been encouraged through earlier works of Maz'ya in different frameworks, together with classical and modern difficulties hooked up with boundary and preliminary price difficulties for elliptic, hyperbolic and parabolic operators, Schr?dinger-type equations, mathematical conception of elasticity, power idea, skill, singular necessary operators, p-Laplacians, useful research, and approximation idea. Maz'ya is writer of greater than 450 papers and 20 books. In his lengthy occupation he got many impressive and regularly brought up leads to the speculation of harmonic potentials on non-smooth domain names, power and means theories, areas of features with bounded edition, greatest precept for higher-order elliptic equations, Sobolev multipliers, approximate approximations, and so forth. the themes incorporated during this quantity can be rather helpful to all researchers who're attracted to attaining a deeper knowing of the massive services of Vladimir Maz'ya.

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7 (1990) 283–295. [7] E. Cosserat and F. Cosserat, Th´eorie des corps d´eformables, Librairie Scientifique A. Hermann et fils, Paris, 1909. Reprinted by Cornell University Library. ´ [8] R. Devever (editor), Elie Cartan and Albert Einstein: Letters on Absolute Parallelism, Princeton University Press, 1979. [9] A. Unzicker and T. org/abs/physics/0503046. [10] T. Sauer, Field equations in teleparallel space-time: Einstein’s Fernparallelismus approach toward unified field theory Historia Mathematica 33 (2006) 399–439.

Local and global H¨ older estimates for subsolutions The main result in this section establishes the global H¨older continuity of bounded upper semicontinuous (USC, in short) viscosity subsolutions of equation −Tr A(x)D2 u + |Du|p + λu ≤ f (x) , x ∈ Ω. The bound will depend in particular on the distance function from ∂Ω, denoted by d∂Ω . 1. Let Ω ⊂ Rn , n ≥ 2 be an open bounded set with Lipschitz boundary satisfying the uniform interior sphere condition. 1) with λ ≥ 0 and p > 2. Assume further that A(·) is bounded and continuous, f (·) p p−1 is continuous and that d∂Ω f + is bounded.

1) gαβ = ⎜ ⎝g20 g21 g22 0 ⎠ , 0 0 0 −1 • the electromagnetic covector potential does not depend on x3 and has A3 = 0. 2) ϑα = ⎜ ⎝0⎠ . 1 We use Pauli matrices which do not depend on x3 and take σ3ab˙ = 1 0 . 3) We take ηb˙ = ξ a σ3ab˙ . 1) takes the form s = |ξ | − |ξ | . 7) becomes |ξ 1 |2 − |ξ 2 |2 > 0. 2). 4) means that our bispinor ξ a , ηb˙ is determined by the spinor ξ a . Thus, the spinor ξ a becomes the (only) dynamical variable. We assume that this spinor does not depend on x3 . Observe that in the special case considered in this section both the Dirac model and our model have the same number of real dynamical degrees of freedom, namely, four.

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