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By Wilhelm Wagner

This publication is a whole and well known English account of the spiritual ideals and superstitious customs of the previous Norsemen. Partial Contents: Odin, Wodan, Wuoton, Yggdrasil, the World-Ash, impact of Christianity, the Runic Language, Dwarfs and Elves, Giants, Loki, trip to Wafthrudnir, Frigg, Quern Stones, Ogir, Ases, Baldurs loss of life, Ragnarok.

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Step out of the misty veil Which darkly winds round thee Step out of the olden days, Thou great Divinity Across thy mental vision Passes the godly host. That Made Bragi's melodies Asgard's proudest boast AFTER PROF. ENGELHARd's STATUE. {See accompanying verses,) INTRODUCTION. There ai the sounds of music^ rise From harp strings sweet and clear^ Wonderfully enchanting To the receiving Thou wast it, ear. thou hast carried Sagas of northern fame, Did'st boldly strike the harp strings Of old skalds just the same Thou spann'st the bridge of Bifrost, The pathway of the gods O name the mighty heroes, Draw pictures of the gods ; ; !

LEGENDS AND MYTHS, 3S In the Chinese and Indo-Chinese languages the ancient poverty of expression find in is still to be found, them monosyllabic hardly a connecting link ; and even at the present day we roots placed next to each other with in the Turanian language of Central Asia the people have endeavoured to express the association of their ideas by the use of selves complete words, suffixes, but these suffixes are in them- and thus the combination visible as the separate strokes of the language ot the is as distinctly brush in a bad painting.

And signs to him to come to Odin her. to enquire of the dead what the future will bring forth. what he has already who is much Wala entreats spirit, all Whereupon creatures overlooks one, the weak mistletoe-bough. When omission. weapons and He into a dart. is committed But she which turn aside from striking Hodur his holy the fatal bough, which he has made guides the direction of the blow, and the murder —Baldur lies stabbed to the heart on the bloodstained For this reason the gods and men, and even the dwarfs who fear the light, the elves in of giants weep Two corpses for him.

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