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2) The Medially Weak verb may be illustrated by the verb qoma to arise, Imperf. yeqawem, Subjunc. yequm, Imperat. qum, Infin. qawim, Gerund. qawimo. Reflexive-Passive Frequentative: Perf. taqawama, Imperf. yetqawam, Subjunc. yetqawam, Imperat. taqawam, Infin. taqawim, Gerund. taqawimo. 3) Synopsis of a Finally Weak verb. Those whose final shows the consonant-syllable wa change that sound in some instances to the vowel u. These are called Oass 1. Let us show the synopsis of the verb talawa, to follow: Imperfect, yetalu, Subjunc.

La'iko, Gerund. In the Causative Intensive, we form: Perf. 'aldaka, Imperf. yele'ek, Subjunc. yel'ek Imperat. 'al'ek. 4) Final Guttural. bas'ha to arrive, Imperf. yebaseh, Subjunc. yebsah Imperat. besah Infin. basih, Gerundive basiho. For a derivative conjugation we give synopsis of the Causative Simple: Perfect, 'abeseh, Imperf. yabaseh, Subjunc. yabeseh Imperat. 'ab'seh Infin. 'abesin Gerund 'ab'siho. This completes the three guttural classes. We now turn to the "weak" verbs. These are categorized as in Amharic: 1) Verbs having either the sound wa or that of ya initially; 2) having either of these sounds medially; 3) having a) wa final, or b) ya final.

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