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By Julia Seiter, Robert Wille, Rolf Drechsler

This publication presents a entire evaluate of automated version refinement, which is helping readers shut the space among preliminary textual specification and its wanted implementation. The authors let readers to stick to “directions” for refinement: Vertical refinement, for including element and precision to unmarried description for a given version and Horizontal refinement, which considers a number of perspectives on one point of abstraction, refining the method specification via devoted descriptions for constitution or habit. The dialogue comprises numerous tools which help designers of digital platforms during this refinement procedure, together with verification how to fee immediately even if a refinement has been performed as intended.

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Integrated Formal Methods, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 5423, pp. 40–55. Springer, Heidelberg (2009) 4. : Verification of UML/OCL class diagrams using constraint programming. In: Software Testing, Verification and Validation, pp. 73–80 (2008) 5. : Finite model reasoning on UML class diagrams via constraint programming. In: AI*IA, pp. 36–47 (2007) 6. : Consistency, independence and consequencesin UML and OCL models. In: Tests and Proofs, pp. 90–104 (2009) 7. : Verifying UML/OCL models using boolean satisfiability.

In particular, the constraints of the model are not altered. Since this rule does not change the model at all or only alters datatypes/signatures, but has no influence on the specified behavior, its application does not result in any new verification tasks. 34 4 Verification of Vertical Refinement 2. attr a = attr1r · · · attrkr The second rule describes what is known as non-atomic refinement with regard to the model’s attributes. A single abstract attribute is represented by several refined attributes which are connected by an operation.

Any states proven reachable in the abstract model have to be considered again as well. By strengthening a precondition or post-condition, a formerly reachable good state may be rendered unreachable if the constraint has become too strict. 5. invr = str engthen(inv a ) Each invariant of the model may be strengthened or extended. 1 Refinement Relation Fig. 2 Example of a vertical refinement step. a Abstract model. b Refined model 35 (a) Phone credit: Integer charge() context Phone::charge() post: credit ¿ credit@pre (b) RPhone credit: Integer charge(cr: Integer) context RPhone::charge(cr: Integer) post: credit = credit@pre + cr the previous rule, strengthening of invariants only includes sharpening existing constraints or constraining newly introduced attributes.

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