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By Michael J. Tresca

We all know the tale of the Pied Piper, yet there's extra to the tale: What occurred to the rats? What occurred to the youngsters? while a spell is going awry in a rat-baiting festival, scrap discovers he's a bit of either. during this whimsical coming of age story, a operating conflict among Black's gang of pickpockets and Piper's summoned vermin spills out into the streets of Calximus urban. Scrap and his partners needs to navigate the aristocracy and underworlds of rodent and human alike to unravel the secret in their roots. alongside the way in which he'll make associates of rat and guy; live to tell the tale cats, goblins, ogres, and witches; and if he's clever adequate, variety sufficient, and believes adequate, Scrap simply may well keep the dominion ... and himself.

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41 grolte in ,Inmt0ata. It is generally territory is ! understood that Trolls, when their encroached upon by mankind, withdraw to some more secluded place. So when Eksjo was built, those that dwelt in that vicinity moved to Skurugata, a defile between two high mountains whose perpendicular sides rise so near to each other as to leave the bottom in continual semi- darkness and gloom. be supposed, they were left in peace Not so, however, for it is related that tranquility. upon the occasion of the annual meeting of troops at Here, it may and Ranneslatt, a whole battalion of Smaland grenadiers re- peatedly marched through, with beating drums and blowing horns, and that sometimes they fired a volley from it is their guns, now a which so alarmed the Trolls that question whether an}' are still remaining there.

Think we ought to do with him Father, what do you " ? him go," said the Giant. " BLEKINGE. " Whereupon have she broke little finger. He soon discovered himself in the open air again, and the groom who had returned to search for his master found him in the place where he had left him, but with a little finger broken a warning to every one not to sleep on the way to church. THE TROLLS OF SKURUGATA. 41 grolte in ,Inmt0ata. It is generally territory is ! understood that Trolls, when their encroached upon by mankind, withdraw to some more secluded place.

One Sunday the Giant was more than usually dis- turbed by the long continued bell ringing, and sent his daughter to the top of the mountain, from which, with her apron strings converted into a sling, she threw an *This legend is a complex of different giant stories localized at Puke Berg Puke Mountain. Nearly every parish has its legend, in which the resident giant has been angered with the noise of the church bells, and has sought to destroy his disturber. The legend of the giantess who took the children from their plowing and bore them to her giant parent is not confined to the Giant Puke.

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