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By Patrice Boquet, E. Lemichez

Pathogenic micro organism for human and animals have built subtle guns, termed virulence components, to make sure their replication and endurance into their hosts. The authors during this quantity convey a synthesis on how many of the host mobile Rho GTPases actions are manipulated by means of micro organism to fulfil their virulence.

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Interestingly, tyrosine phosphatases are absent from most bacteria. Therefore, the few bacterial tyrosine phosphatases that exist are thought to originate from some event of horizontal gene transfer from a eukaryote. In the host cell, SptP can modulate MAP kinase signaling and modulate the structure of the actin cytoskeleton [12, 30]. So far, no direct effect of the tyrosine phosphatase domain of SptP on RhoGTPases has been observed. Therefore, we will focus our discussion of SptP on the GAP domain.

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