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Easy Transistors

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Newspapers can thus claim to represent the demotic reach of the printed word: we all read or, perhaps, we must now say we all used to read news. Over the same 200-year period, the newspaper industry has been at the frontier of technological innovation. It is important to register the interconnectedness of the two phenomena – the mass appeal of newspapers and technical development – because the one fuelled the other. It was the offices of the London Times, not of some book-industry entrepreneur (though such existed), that installed in 1814 the first steam-driven press for commercial use.

Readers could link and scroll together windows containing the same sections of text in different versions as well as perform highly complex lexical and annotative searches. Money and expertise were poured into developing CDWord, and it has not survived. Brilliantly conceived and state-of-the-art when it was released, CDWord is a classic example of the pitfalls of the incunabular age. 0 and failed completely with Windows95. 51 A similar narrative can be written for the experimental hypertexts (Landow’s Webs, for example) assembled within Brown University’s Intermedia system.

Html> (accessed 2 March 2007). 28 Transferred Illusions to know, which has brought with it a reappraisal and a new appreciation of its richness. Far from dying, in its old age print is casting a long shadow across the digital generation.  Perhaps the scale of our dependence on digital technology has blurred the edges of what once appeared distinct categories of understanding – the blandness or pre-givenness of information and the troubling burden of labour or belief that knowledge entails, and the fear that in promulgating the former the computer would banish the latter.

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