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By Hadenmalm & Zhu Borichev

This quantity grew out of a convention in honor of Boris Korenblum at the social gathering of his eightieth birthday, held in Barcelona, Spain, November 20-22, 2003. The publication is of curiosity to researchers and graduate scholars operating within the idea of areas of analytic functionality, and, specifically, within the idea of Bergman areas. This booklet is copublished with Bar-Ilan collage (Ramat-Gan, Israel)

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Then Hp (Rn ) = {f ∈ S � (Rn ): �f ∗ | Lp � < ∞} (3) f ∗ (x) = sup |ϕ(tD)f (y)| (4) with |x−y|0 (5) Remark 1. A proof of this crucial theorem may be found in [FeS2: Theorem 11]. 2/7) we have the extension f → ϕ(tD)f (x) and (4). The harmonic extension can be recovered if one chooses ϕ(ξ) = e−|ξ| (which is not smooth at the origin, 2 but this is unimportant). , n+1 ϕ(tD)f (x) obeys the heat equation in R+ . We return to this subject later on in connection with characterizations of function spaces in terms of Gauss–Weierstrass and Cauchy–Poisson semi-groups.

Krejn and N. Aronszajn. Comprehensive treatments of interpolation theory, including many historical references, may be found in [BeL, Triα, KPS, BKS]. The dominating figure in interpolation theory in the sixties and early seventies was J. Peetre. In particular, he created the so-called K-functional which is the crucial instrument in real interpolation up to our time. At the beginning, in the early sixties, abstract interpolation theory was closely connected with PDE’s and function spaces. Even more, applications to PDE’s and function spaces were the motivating force behind interpolation theory at this stage of the theory.

1. How to measure smoothness 52 Remark 2. The above theorem and the assertions of the last subsections show s s that some spaces Fpq and Bpq and all spaces Lsp and Cps can be based on the same principle: measurement of smoothness via approximation by algebraic polynomials. The restriction of this procedure to Rn or to bounded C ∞ domains is not necessary. Just on the contrary, one can use these methods in order to introduce and study, say, spaces of Besov type on arbitrary non-smooth sets. We refer to this connection to [JoW, Wal] and the papers mentioned there.

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