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By Naveeda Khan

Through the essays during this quantity, we see how the failure of the nation turns into a second to ruminate at the artificiality of this most recent build, the failure of nationalism, a chance to dream of different modes of organization, and the failure of sovereignty to contemplate the threats and chances of the area of foreignness in the geographical region as in the self.

The ambition of this quantity is not just to complicate status representations of Pakistan. it truly is take Pakistan out of the prestige of exceptionalism that its a number of crises have endowed upon it. by way of now, many students have written of the way exile, migrancy, refugeedom, and different modes of displacement represent smooth subjectivities. The arguments made within the ebook say that Pakistan is not any stranger to this of human immigrancy and accordingly, will be pressed into carrier in supporting us to appreciate our current condition.

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The orthodox solution — shared by critics of many different political persuasions — has been to argue that Faiz merely turns a ‘traditional’ poetic vocabulary to radical political ends, that we should read the figure of the distant beloved, for instance, as a figuring of the hoped-for revolution (Kiernan 1971: 40; Ali 1995: xiv). I suggest a somewhat different direction here, and argue that first, the political element in Faiz’s work cannot be read without the mediation of the social. Faiz’s exploration of the affects of separation and union with the beloved makes possible an examination of the subject, the ‘I’, of Urdu writing.

I should say at the outset that each of these writings could be taken to speak to several of these themes, and to speak to others besides, but I have chosen to group them so as to draw out our themes more forcefully. Artificiality of the State Timothy Mitchell’s now classic essay ‘The Limits of the State: Beyond Statist Approaches and their Critics’ (1991) put forward some of the crucial Foucauldian lineaments of the study of the state that endure to the present. Most notably, Mitchell gave us the state that does not have presence as such but which is retrospectively produced by a dispersed field of bureaucratic and administrative effects.

He is clearly describing an institution that smacks of graft. It would be the natural target of the many anti-corruption campaigns undertaken by well-meaning international agencies and desultorily put into effect by their local representatives. However, Hull suggests that what looks 24 „ Naveeda Khan like outright corruption may not be so easily categorised. Many of the actions are, after all, undertaken to redress gross neglect, in some cases injustice, of the state, others to ensure that families and communities stay together in the face of the dispersal mechanisms at work within the bureaucracy, while still others are undertaken out of relations of friendship and kinship.

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