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By Iftikhar Ahmed, Michael Lipton

Investigates present functions of biotechnology in constructing nations and their impression at the rural bad. Can biotechnologies be in particular designed and intentionally published to relieve rural poverty, or will they intensify present inequalities?

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Firms in both Denmark and Germany have had problems assuring government officials that biotechnology waste from their production facilities will not be contaminated with recombinant organisms (Biotech News, 1987). Environmental issues on the release of rONA organisms are not just confined to plant materials. The Wi star Institute of Philadelphia has conducted field trials of an rONA rabies vaccine in Belgium (Goldstein, 1990), the same vaccine that caused an uproar in Argentina in 1986 when the Government was apparently not informed about the test that was taking place (Science, 28 October 1988).

Primary effects A primary effect will be defined as a change induced on the production or consumption activities of economic agents who first implement a particular bio-product. The primary effects are usually associated with farmers. 28 Biotechnology: A Hope or a Threat? Input to output ratios From an economic point of view, biotechnology results in an improvement of the transformation of inputs into outputs, including improvements in the quality of output. This, of course, means that the input-output ratios must change.

1. 2. Availability of rapid propagation systems to allow the multiplication of new varieties. 3. Availability of transformation systems to enable new genetic information to be inserted into single plant cells. 4. Availability of regeneration systems to enable single cells to be regenerated into whole plants, after transformation. 5-10 5-10 >10 >10 5-10 >10 0-5 0-5 0-5 >10 Time-frame for commercial applications (number of years ) Availability of new biotechnologies for selected Third World crops, 1989 1.

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