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Bachelorettes, Boy Bands, Beyoncé! Plus: rebel Grrrl Revisited.

Letter from the HQ

Letters & Comments

Love It/Shove It

• Gaming the approach: Are Women-Led games D.O.A.?

The complain List

||| at the Hips—Why fats is a queer and feminist issue

||| at the News—Idle not more activists are speaking—but are the govt and media listening?

||| On Ritual—The gigantic company of bachelorette parties

::: All Hail the Queen?—What do our perceptions of Beyonce's feminism say approximately us?

::: Lens Crafting—How frames switch the best way we learn the news

::: Revisiting the Riot—An interview with punk veteran Mimi Thi Nguyen

::: Housebound—Why the dollhouse metaphor continues to be so indelible

::: darkish Habits—American Horror tale: Asylum and the Gothic-nun tradition

\\\ Prep Talk—The literary legacy of British boarding-school stories

\\\ Written Off—Why aren't black girl screenwriters getting their due?

\\\ Hopeless Romantics—The secure sexuality of boy-band mania

The again Page

Adventures in Feministory Comics: Gyo Fujikawa by means of Andi Zeisler

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Best feminism books

The Blue Books

Nicole Brossard's lucid, subversive and cutting edge paintings on language has encouraged a whole new release of readers and writers. yet 3 of her seminal works of postmodernism and feminism were misplaced to us for years. The Blue Books brings them back.

A publication: a unique a few novel; 5 characters in "search of a story, a story looking for an writer. " Brossard's first novel, and a key paintings in Canadian postmodernism. flip of a Pang (Sold-out in French): Quebec's 1943 Conscription concern and the 1970 warfare Measures Act weave jointly to shape the feel of a woman's existence. French Kiss: a party of the strength of girls and language within the face of the male experts of Montreal politics and the actual authority of the broadcast (and certain) word.

The Blue Books collects those 3 long-out-of-print, groundbreaking Brossard titles, of their unique trainer condominium Press English translations (A e-book through Larry Shouldice, flip of a Pang and French Kiss by means of the acclaimed Patricia Claxton). Don't be blue: those Brossard classics are back!

Women on Top

Nancy Friday's exceptional bestsellers My mystery backyard and Forbidden vegetation broke new floor, revealing for the 1st time the complexity of women's mystery sexual fantasies. In girls on best, she returns to the topic that made her recognized, interpreting the erotic delusion lives of multiple hundred and fifty glossy girls.

Witches, Midwives, and Nurses: A History of Women Healers (2nd Edition) (Contemporary Classics)

As we watch one other agonizing try and shift the way forward for health and wellbeing care within the usa, we're reminded of the sturdiness of this challenge, and the way firmly entrenched we're in a process that doesn't work.

Witches, Midwives, and Nurses, first released through The Feminist Press in 1973, is a necessary publication in regards to the corruption of the clinical institution and its ancient roots in witch hunters. during this new version, Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English have written a wholly new bankruptcy that delves into the present fascination with and controversies approximately witches, exposing our fears and fantasies. They construct on their vintage exposé at the demonization of girls healers and the political and fiscal monopolization of drugs. This fast background brings us updated, exploring today's altering attitudes towards childbirth, substitute drugs, and modern day witches.

Barbara Ehrenreich is writer of the hot York instances bestsellers Nickel and Dimed and Bait and turn, and, such a lot lately, This Land is Their Land.

Deirdre English, the previous editor of mom Jones, is a professor within the Graduate institution of Journalism on the collage of California, Berkeley.

First booklet: 1973
Second version ebook: 2010
E-publication 2010
EPUB ISBN: 9781558616905

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn: Modern American Revolutionary (Lives of American Women)

In 1906, fifteen-year outdated Elizabeth Gurley Flynn fixed a soapbox in instances sq. to denounce capitalism and proclaim a brand new period for women’s freedom. fast well-known as a superb public speaker and bold organizer, she dedicated her existence to making a socialist the US, “free from poverty, exploitation, greed and injustice.

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Example text

In your essay you talk about the idea of being a “killjoy” by pointing out riot grrrl’s many flaws. For many women, riot grrrl was their introduction to feminism. I’m curious: What has been the reaction to your article? Have people accused you of putting a damper on a movement that was formative to their feminism? I haven’t heard one negative word about the essay so far. The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive—from others in that cohort, from feminist scholars wholly outside of the scene.

Framing, in an academic context, refers to how societies organize, perceive, and communicate about reality. For our purposes, we can define it as a term that refers to the propensity of media, political organizations, and social movements to use rhetoric and persuasive techniques in ways that encourage some interpretations of information and discourage others. In other words, it’s a way that the media shapes public discourse. ) Frames are so inherent to the way we think that they can go largely unnoticed.

She quarantined him on the second floor, and I caught glimpses of him carrying a basket of laundry. The words used to set the scene for the interviewer are harsh, strong verbs that evoke submission and domination: forbade, dominate, quarantine. She is able to catch only “a glimpse” of the man of the house, and only while he’s engaged in an emasculating activity— laundry. The paragraph is carefully constructed to persuade the reader that modern gender roles have reversed rather than progressed—with men now donning the traditionally female submissive, housebound mantle, much the worse for wear.

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