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By Fritz Bogott

Tiny inventors Alvy and Alby holiday into houses and play Rube Goldberg sensible jokes. whilst Alvy all at once disappears, Alby enlists assistance from of his younger victims-- yet they locate they're facing forces of an unforeseen scale.

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27 Boggle & Sneak Alby reaches out his arm and waves at the air. This does his speed-control no good, and the barrel begins to jerk violently from side to side. Alby waves at the air again. This time his fingers touch moth, and he jerks down hard on its wing. The moth pulls loose from Alvy’s face shield, and blows, flapping, back out of the barrel. The jerking subsides, and they stop to catch their breath. Then Alby sees something else out of the corner of his eye. “Uh,” he says. A uniformed policeman has stepped out of his cruiser, lights flashing, idling in the driving lane.

She asks. * * * Late that evening, the girls are sitting side by side with their aching fingers soaking in dishpans full of ice and water. As soon as they got the car parts moved and organized to Mom’s satisfaction, they rode their bicycles to five separate fabric stores, including two in 40 Boggle & Sneak outer-ring suburbs that had possibly never seen bicycles used for actual transportation before. They brought back acres of tulle, miles of white thread and, most importantly, more than a thousand tiny jingle-bells.

We’ll be ready for them tomorrow night too. ” She glares at the thermos-lid and shakily takes another sip. A gust of wind ruffles the house’s skirts, and the neighbor’s dog buries its 43 Boggle & Sneak head deeper into its paws. 44 Boggle & Sneak Five “Did it have to be stocking caps? ” The two stocking caps inch forward across the worn linoleum, hugging the foot of the shelves. “Shut up,” Alvy says. “They’ve got security cameras in here. ” “Plus, they’re hot,” Alby says. “Couldn’t it have been baseball caps?

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