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By F. W. S. Craig (eds.)

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Butler G. S. Ayrton W. S. S. Butler Sir W. Clay, Bt. S. S. Butler L L Unopp. Unopp. S. S. Butler L L Unopp. Unopp. S. E. Coope E. Beales W. ) (Two Seats) Election Electors Candidate Party Votes L Unopp. S. T. H. S. A. Maxse J. T. 0' A Samuda B. Lucraft 19 L L L L c L L/Lab WESTMINSTER [10] (Two Seats) Election Electors 1832 11,576 Candidate tSir F. Burdett, Bt. C. Hobhouse, Bt. tG. De L. Evans Party Votes L L L 3,248 3,214 1,076 L Unopp. C. Hobhouse, Bt. [Hobhouse seeks re-election after his resignation from the Government on the issue of the House and Window taxes) 1833 ( 11/5) 11,576 1835 13,268 G.

W. Carpenter R. C. Marjoribanks, Bt. M. Home J. C. Marjoribanks, Bt. Hon. H. M. M. M. Home J. H. J. Trotter Petitions:1837: Withdrawn 1852: Void election 1857: Withdrawn 1859: Withdrawn 1859: (20/8) Dismissed 1863: Dismissed 1880: (21/7) Dismissed 42 c BEVERLEY [22] (Two Seats) Election Electors 1832 1,011 Candidate Hon. C. Langdale tH. W. Hogg H. Burton J. W. L. Fox J. Clay G. L. L. Murray 1841 1,073 J. W. L. Fox c c 1847 1,357 J. L. L. Goldsmid, Bt. c L 543 542 257 Hon. C. Lawley W. A. Glover L L L 611 584 497 1852 1,405 L [Resignation of Lawley] 1854 (31 /7) 1,333 Hon.

Polhill F. Polhill S. H. Whitbread F. Polhill **H. Stuart *S. Crawley L L 599 486 483 c 490 403 383 c c 467 419 412 c c 433 421 410 L 453 432 392 c L L L F. Polhill H. H. Whitbread Votes L 1847 1,073 1852 910 H. Stuart S. C. Anstey c 517 435 252 1854 (6/12) 913• W. S. Trelawny c 422 331 1857 879 S. Whitbread T. Barnard W. Smith L L c c 452 435 376 176 S. Whitbread W. Stuart T. P. Turner c L c L 455 449 427 427 L 441 389 L 574 476 345 Sir H. Verney, Bt. H. Stuart F. Polhill [Death of Stuart) 1859 927 c c L L L [Appointment of Whitbread as a Civil Lord of the Admiralty) 1859 (28/6) 1865 1868 1874 927 S.

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