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Many automobile expenses, however, are hidden and do not express the true costs of a fossil fuel vehicle. When included, they make the true cost of driving much higher than we realize. Those are direct costs. Indirectly, through many types of taxes, you also pay for the land, roads, freeways, bridges, and tunnels. Through government, you also pay to provide cleaning, landscaping, irrigation, signs, signals, reflectors, and police and emergency services. According to the American Automobile Association, a new car costs $6,720 a year to operate.

A flat leather belt drove the large rear wheel. The machine could go about 15 mph and carried enough fuel and water for an hour of operation. The bicycle Copeland started with appears to be like the one patented by Lorenz (see Figures 3-1 and 3-2). Copeland didn’t get any financial backing for the steam bicycle, so he built it tricycle form, which is shown in his 1887 patent (Figure 3-3). Writer Allan Girdler tells about Sylvester Roper, born in 1823 in New Hampshire. During the Civil War, Roper worked at the Springfield Armory, where his interest turned to steam power.

It sold for $1,200. 4 35 36 Chapter Three The Early 1940s In 1941, fuel rationing in occupied Europe encouraged the Austrian company Socovel to create a small electric motorcycle. 5 1970s–1990s In 1973, Mike Corbin set the first electric motorcycle land speed record of 101 mph. , began the sale of street-legal electric motorcycles. Professor Charles E. MacArthur made the first electric vehicle ascent on Mt. Washington, in New Hampshire, using a Corbin electric motorcycle. The event evolved into an annual rally called the Mt.

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