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Once more, the Cato superb court docket assessment will study the main remarkable instances from the latest time period.

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S. government originally included in his complaint. C. §§ 1961–1968 (2000 ed. and Supp. ’’ Id. § 1962(c). C. § 1951 (2000), or under state law. C. , and Supp. IV). The gist of Robbins’s RICO claim was that actions of the BLM officials constituted a series of attempts to extort the easement from him, which in turn constituted an indictable offense under the Hobbs Act definition of racketeering as an attempt to ‘‘obtain[] . . property from another, with his consent . . C. § 1951(b)(2). Robbins also asserted that the conduct violated Wyoming’s blackmail statute, Wyo.

131 (1966). Forsyth County v. S. 123 (1992). V. v. City of St. S. 377 (1992). 13 10 A : 97901$$CH8 09-10-07 05:16:16 Layout: 97901 : Even Page 10 Challenges to the Rule of Law: Or, Quod Licet Jovi Non Licet Bovi in California, a student named Harper wore a tee-shirt that could be read at the least as expressing philosophical opposition to homosexuality. 16 That led Judge Reinhardt to some rather remarkable rejoinders that in their starkness express what I would call the Jovi vs. Bovi view. Reinhardt said, ‘‘The dissenters still don’t get the message [that you can’t] strike[ ] at the very core of .

Although they could have done so, the courts have not articulated or permitted a patronage system. Instead, in Grutter and similar decisions the Supreme Court has said that Jove can indeed be treated differently, so long as we blind ourselves as to the exact degree of preference that is being given to Jove and withheld from the cows. For that was the crucial distinction between Grutter and Gratz. If the numbers are explicit, as in Gratz,44 preference will be struck down; if they are concealed, as in Grutter,45 preferences will be permitted.

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