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В этой книге рассмотрены варианты резбы по дереву на поверхностях. Разные техники, разные результаты.Благодаря предоставленным различными мастерами проектам, вы сможете изготовить новогодние украшения, скворечник, красивые шахматы, мячи для гольфа, украшенные затейливыми геометрическими узорами.

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Chuck A chuck (noun) is the device on a drill press or drill/driver that holds the drill bit in place. ” Drill bits are held in place by the chuck. To install the drill bit, rotate the chuck until the jaws open wide enough to snugly fit the bit. Place the bit, pointy end down, in the chuck, and tighten the chuck with your hand. Insert the chuck key into one of the holes in the side of the chuck until the gears are engaged, and use it to further tighten the chuck around the drill bit. The drill bit’s smooth part, the shank, should be inside the chuck, and the body, the part with the twists, should be exposed.

Make two dots, midway between the penciled line and the end of the board and equidistant from the edges of the board. The dots mark the spots where you will predrill the counterbored holes, or make pilot holes. You’ll generally want to use at least two screws, even on a narrow board, because they will keep the joint from rotating. To predrill the counterbored holes, place the end of the drill bit on one of the dots, making sure you are holding the drill/driver straight, or at a 90-degree angle from the board.

8 deck screws Weatherproof wood glue Plugs tools Miter saw Adjustable square Band saw, jigsaw, or coping saw Clamps Tape measure Drill press Drill/driver Quick-flip drive with a #8 -in. -diameter drill bit Rubber mallet Sander and sandpaper 1 Using a miter saw, cut all three pieces to length and sand. Using the miter saw, cut the 1 × 3 board to 14 in. long; this piece is the pegboard. One 1 × 6 board should be cut into two pieces: one 20 in. long, for the shelf; and one 10 in. long, for the side supports.

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