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By Stanley Hauerwas, Romand Coles

Those essays ponder percentages and practices of radical democracy and radical ecclesia that take shape within the textures of relational deal with the unconventional traditional. Hauerwas and Coels indicate political and theological imaginations past the political formations, which looks the declination and the construction of demise. The authors name us to a innovative politics of 'wild persistence' that seeks Read more...


A thought-provoking conversation among theologian and political activist that explores the chances of engagement among radical democratic politics and radical Christian thought. Read more...

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Yoder haunts me. He is not an easy ghost, but I want to want him with me.  By exploring why Coles is “haunted” by John Howard Yoder, I want to open an investigation into the relation between the church and radical democracy. I want to want to do so, because I am haunted by Romand Coles. He is my colleague and friend. ” I admire Coles’s willingness and . Coles, Beyond Gated Politics, 137–38. Coles also speaks of Yoder’s work as a “haunting possibility” in the preface to Beyond Gated Politics, xxiv.

I am haunted that many of the goods I admire and seek to nurture might require strands that I cannot claim to endorse entirely but nevertheless rely upon and even love-at-a-distance. I am haunted that aspects of radical democracy to which I am closer (which I find less often or less intense in many forms of Christianity that I see) may, oddly enough, be indebted to this very Christianity—which at the same time I see doing miracles I can barely fathom. What a strange thing. And how wondrous its appearance in Baker, Moses, Moore, Horton, Clarke, and so many others.

With an edge, one could wonder, what and how does Hauerwas learn from radical democrats if what he learns is that Christians have always been, insofar as they were Christians, what could be called radical democrats, if that is useful? One could wonder this precise question without any edge, too. I’m curious what you mean to say here. Similarly, by “haunting,” I mean—as I think the word means—something profoundly discomforting, even if one can certainly want a ghost’s presence, as one might wish, for a time, for the ghost of a passed friend or relative.

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