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Medical BIOMECHANICS OF SPINAL MANIPULATION introduces the fundamental suggestions of biomechanics and emphasizes its purposes to day-by-day perform, quite within the context of spinal manipulation. The chapters conceal uncomplicated mechanics, useful anatomy, mechanics of spinal manipulation, and results of spinal manipulative remedy. A bankruptcy of case stories illustrates the applying of biomechanics to spinal manipulation in practical scientific occasions.

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2 - 1 2 ) , which redirects the o b l i q u e muscle forces d o w n the rectus sheath to effectively increase the flexor m o m e n t arm. T h e obliques are involved in torso t w i s t i n g a n d lateral 3 7 38 b e n d , a n d appear t o play s o m e role i n l u m b a r stabiliz a t i o n since t h e o b l i q u e s increase their activity, to a small degree, w h e n t h e spine is placed u n d e r pure axial c o m p r e s s i o n . ) 3 9 40 The Special Case of Quadratus Lumborum and Psoas Although t h e psoas has often b e e n c l a i m e d to be a g o o d stabilizer of the l u m b a r spine, it is t h e o p i n i o n of this aut h o r that this c l a i m is unlikely; rather, t h e quadratus l u m b o r u m i s the m a j o r stabilizer o f t h e lower thoracic and l u m b a r region.

However, during the execution of a lift, o n e lifter reported discomfort and pain. O n e x a m i n a t i o n o f the video-fluoroscopy records, o n e o f the l u m b a r joints (specifically, the L4/L5 j o i n t ) reached the full flexion calibrated angle, while all o t h e r joints maintained their static position (2 to 3 degrees f r o m full flexion). This is the first o b servation of proportionately increased rotation occurring at a single l u m b a r joint, and it w o u l d appear that this u n i q u e occurrence was caused by an inappropriate sequencing of muscle forces ( o r a temporary loss of m o t o r control w i s d o m ) .

T h e role of IAP is not. F a r f a n has suggested that IAP creates a pressurized visceral cavity to m a i n t a i n the h o o p l i k e g e o m e t r y of the a b d o m i n a l s . Recent work i n w h i c h t h e distance o f the a b d o m i n a l s t o the spine ( m o m e n t a r m s ) was measured was u n a b l e to confirm substantial changes in a b d o m i n a l geometry w h e n activated in a standing p o s t u r e . H o w ever, t h e c o m p r e s s i o n penalty of the a b d o m i n a l activity c a n n o t be discounted.

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