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By Gary D. Rawnsley

This quantity matters the origins, enterprise and approach to British, American and Soviet propaganda through the Fifties. Drawing upon quite a number archival fabric which has merely been available to researchers within the previous couple of years, the authors speak about propaganda's overseas and family dimensions, and chart the advance of a shared chilly battle tradition. They show how the buildings of propaganda that have been organised at present persevered, giving form and intending to the remainder years of the chilly War.

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The Power of the Pen', New York Times, 3 September 1950. See also 'Hands Across the Seas', Stet: The House Magazine for House Magazine Editors, September 1950, Truman Library. 29. ' 'The Truth in Letters', New York Herald Tribune, 17 July 1950. 30. Ibid. 31. New York Times, 3 September 1950. 32. Progress Report to Contributors to the 'Letter from America' Campaign, 18January 1951, Truman Library. 33. Frank J. Delaney in the Post Office Department said that the agreement offered 'great potentialities for international distribution of American publications'.

Yet conditions were never favourable - not in Berlin in 1953 and especially not in Hungary in 1956. Liberation, then, was simply a useful propaganda device which capitalized on American and Eastern European opinion at a decisive moment in the early history of the Cold War. Its intentions were commendable, though somewhat naive, and the logic of the implications were not sufficiently thought through. Containment had been a 'do nothing, wait and see' policy; liberation was a 'do nothing, wait and see' policy as well, but with the added ingredient of providing American propaganda with a clearer objective, and a more competent and well-organized propaganda structure.

27 The Council published a Guide to Letter Writers which explained that letters may be written casually, about every-day affairs- yet they are the bearers of a momentous message. They tell the real story of America. 'The words of the letters you write abroad', it declares, 'are weighed and counted; they are more carefully read than the speeches of statesmen or the articles of scholars. ' It goes on to suggest a few simple rules which, if followed, will make such a letter not only an act of natural friendliness, but at the same time a service to this country in its efforts to preserve peace and freedom in the world.

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