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Further, any conceptualisation which focuses merely on labour's autonomy h m capital disregards the historically specific form of labour's existence and espouses, instead, a subjectivist understanding of the ontological constitution of existence to be found - apparently - in the subjectivity of being which constantly escapes the grasp, and which threatens a revolutionary disposal of 'capital'. In other words, human practice is seen as a selfconstituting and immediate power, a power which 'capital' has but constantly fails to subvert.

Open Marxism - Human Practice and Perversion Page 45 ........................ to its object. Capital remains construed in terms of a logic which lies solely within itself and whose inconsistencies, alone, and in abstraction from the contradictions which are constitutive of the capital-labour relation, provide points of purchase for revolutionary autonomisation. The capital-labour relation is understood merely in terms of a repressive systemic logic counterposed to subjective forces in a dualist and external way.

G. the town was given a written form, described graphically: plans proliferated). "[The town] no longer ascribed a metaphysical character to itself as imago mundi, centre and epitome of the Cosmos. " (1991 p278) By the time it had thus asserted itself, however, its eclipse by the state was already imminent. (1991 ~ ~ 2 6 9 , 2 7 1 ) ' This overturning of the town by the "economic sphere" and its eclipse by the state as capitalism emerges gives rise to what Lefebvre refers to as ubstract Face. During this period a change occurred in the "representations of space"; symbolic space was overshadowed by logical space with the rise of linear perspective.

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