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A relative forcing you to look at a pornographic video. 5. Friends falling out and calling each other names. 6. A parent shaking a baby. 7. A teacher telling a child that he/she is hopeless. 8. A 12 year old girl having sexual relations with a 16 year old boy. 9. A pupil arriving in school not having had breakfast. 10. Someone touching you in a way you don’t like. What factors do we need to take into account before we decide whether a situation is abusive or not? 1. 4. 2. 5. 3. 6. indd 49 19/4/06 15:14:50 B1 Warning Signs What warning signs does your body give you when you’re in danger?

In what ways are their rights not respected, in your experience? • How do you think a young person feels if he/she is somehow ‘different’ or he/she belongs to a minority group, and his/her rights aren’t respected. Who's ‘different’? Young people who... indd 29 19/4/06 15:14:25 A3 Minority Rights – What Could I Do? Consider the possibilities in the following situations: • What could you do to help? • What could you do to support the young person? • What support or help could you access? 1. Andrew has special needs.

Groups feed back to the main group. Pupils are now given two to three Post-its each, and are asked to write on them some common names which pupils call those who are seen to be ‘different’. The facilitator draws a figure on the board and pupils come up and stick Post-its over the figure. How would it feel to be that person? Top Tips for Creating a Respectful Community How can we help to make sure that our community is one where everyone feels safe and where everyone's rights are respected? The class suggests what needs to be in place for this to happen, for example, everyone is respected, regardless of background, gender, sexual orientation, race, colour or religion; bullying isn't tolerated).

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