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The Ginzburg-Landau equation as a mathematical version of superconductors has turn into a really useful gizmo in lots of components of physics the place vortices wearing a topological cost seem. The impressive growth within the mathematical figuring out of this equation comprises a mixed use of mathematical instruments from many branches of arithmetic.

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The aim of the amount is to supply a help for a primary path in Mathematical research, alongside the traces of the new Programme necessities for mathematical educating in eu universities. The contents are organised to charm in particular to Engineering, Physics and desktop technology scholars, all components during which mathematical instruments play a very important position.

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If we put a light source (a bulb) emitting the projecting rays not on the South but on the North Pole of the globe, we can use the same procedure to make a map of the Southern hemisphere with all the angles remaining full-sized. Each map obtained this way constitutes a plane figure which, when subjected to conformal mapping, will pass into a new figure which can also be considered as a geographic map. Since conformal mapping preserves the angles the new map will show the full-sized angles between the directions 34 on the earth's surface.

We wish to note that the method we used to prove the conformity of mapping z' = Z2 is also applicable to other functions, for instance to the linear-fractional function z' = =: =. ~ or to Zhukovsky's function z' = ~ (z + +). But in this case we obtain some other expressions for the angle of rotation of the tangent. Thus, we shall have for a linear-fractional function that the tangents to the curves passing through the point Zo a-b rotate through an angle equal to Arg (zo _ b)2 , and in the case of the Arg (1 - Zhukovsky z~).

If we fix a: small but very bright electric bulb on the South pole of the globe and put a screen in front of the globe at right angles to its axis, then in a dark room we shall see on the screen a contour map of the Northern 33 hemisphere. It can be proved in terms of geometry that on such a map (it is called a map in a stereoqraphic projection) all the angles between any lines on a globe in the Southern hemisphere are represented full-sized. If we leave unpainted the (curvilinear) sides of some angle PQR with vertex at an arbitrary point of the Northern hemisphere then in the stereographic projection the angle will be represented full-sized (Fig.

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