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By Ignacio Ponseti

Clubfoot is the most typical congenital foot deformity. the nice majoriy of clubfeet may be corrected in infancy in precisely a couple of weeks whilst taken care of through professional orthopaedic surgeons. the easiest and most secure remedy is manipulation by way of the applying of a plaster solid. This publication describes the easiest and most secure remedy for the commonest clubfoot deformities. It offers a valid advent to the speculation underlying the strategy, and offers complete useful info to permit clinicians to hold out the methods with self assurance. It additionally covers universal mistakes in remedy and the way to prevent them.

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1983). A kinematical analysis of the tarsal joints. Acta Orthop. , 54 (Suppl. 204). Virchow, H. (1899) Ober die Gelenke der Fusswurzel. Arch. Anat. (Physiol. ) (Suppl), 556. 5 Pathogenesis Very few cases of congenital clubfoot are due to environmental or extrinsic causes. ' (Cowell and Wein 1980). Many clubfeet are a part of numerous syndromes in a strictly Mendelian pattern of either autosomal dominant or autosomal recessive inheritance (WynneDavies 1965). Also, cytogenic abnormalities produce individuals with syndromes including clubfoot, caused by excess cytogenetic material or by deletions of a portion of a chromosome.

For these reasons, this patient is not included in this book since his clubfeet were not 'idiopathic'. Structural changes of muscles) tendons) and ligaments of the leg and foot 25 A considerable amount of intercellular connective tissue was evident in the right gastrocnemius of the l}-year-old patient, and there was a slight increase in the 5-year-old patient. (Fig. 13) Normal amounts of intercellular collagen were seen in the 7- and the 10-year-old patients. The in vitro collagen synthesis of muscle polyribosomes was increased in the muscles of the l}-year-old and the 5-year-old patients, and it was normal in the two older ones.

With exercise, there is an increase in collagen fiber size, in strength, and in firmness (Tipton 1967, 1975; Gabbiani et al. 1973; Gelberman et al. 1988; Woo et al. 1980,1981). Kiplesund et al. (1983) with the light and electron microscopes observed no alternations in the structure of the collagen fibrils, fibroblasts, capillary endothelium, and peritendinous tissue elements in the tibialis posterior tendon of infants with congenital clubfoot. Ligaments In the normal foot the ligaments behave as viscoelastic fibrous connective tissue binding the bones and allowing the joints to be flexible yet stable.

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