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By Jason Mazzone

Highbrow estate legislation within the usa is at the verge of breakdown and wishes to be reformed--but, in keeping with legislations professor Jason Mazzone, the writer of Copyfraud and different Abuses of highbrow estate Law, now not for the explanations given by way of such a lot critics.

Most american citizens are acquainted with the issues of illicit downloading and stolen software program. yet during this compulsively readable e-book, Mazzone argues that those regularly occurring difficulties masks a better risk to creativity and commerce--the ever-growing overreaching by way of publishers, manufacturers, artists and firms that declare more suitable possession rights than the legislations provides them.

As Mazzone argues, anything is incorrect in a society where:

·Comics should be sued for making enjoyable of Barbie
·The Hells Angels cease construction of Hollywood video clips by way of charging misappropriation of images
·Major League Baseball broadcasts it could possibly cease any man or woman from even describing a baseball game
·Starbucks convinces clients that they don't have the suitable to take photographs in espresso shops
·Electronic publication and song vendors are stripping away the total inspiration of ownership
·Universities spend hundreds of thousands of bucks every year asking for permission to breed public area works through lengthy lifeless authors.

Mazzone exhibits how starting to be abuse of highbrow estate legislation has been abetted via confusion, doubtful criminal criteria, outdated legislations and financial bullying--and he illustrates the pervasive price of those abuses.

Finally, he introduces particular measures in which we will remedy those problems.

Erudite, wonderful and accessible, Copyfraud and different Abuses of highbrow estate Law is a leap forward name that would switch ceaselessly how we glance at creativity, legislations and trade.

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