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By Rohit Kapur

From the studies: "[…] a great addition to the literature. […] This ebook offers to make a helpful contribution to the schooling of graduate scholars in electric and laptop engineering, and a really worthy addition to the library of the maturer investigator in SoC designs or similar fields." Microelectronics Reliability

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If a constant integer is defined using the IntegerConstant statement (179 on page 35), the signal definition is definable using the named constant (CONST_NAME). n]. This concept has value when CTL is being written to a generic parameterizable design whose parameters are to be determined later in the flow. Signals are definable as inputs (In), outputs (Out), bi-directional (InOut), supply (Supply) or as internal signals of the design (Pseudo) (157, 158). There are two ways to define signals. In one method some more information is defined on the signal.

Consider the following example of one unnamed block and two named blocks of information using a generic name for the block (BlockType). BlockType { Entity_global; } BlockType domain_name_1 { Entity_1; } BlockType domain_name_2 { Entity_2; } The first block is an unnamed block of information of type BlockType. The other two blocks of statements are named blocks of BlockType. The names domain_name_1 and domain_name_2 are domain names. Entities are defined within these blocks. Entities defined in unnamed blocks are considered to be globally accessible across CTL.

AssumedInitialState ForceDown;}} 88. o { DataType TestData ScanDataOut; } 89. 90. } PatternInformation { 91. Macro test_sequence { 92. Purpose DoTest; 93. 94. } 95. } 96. } 97. } Most of the CTL code is repeated from the previous example to give the reader an idea of how the example would look with the augmented information. First let us focus in on the pieces of the example and relate it to the discussion of the previous section. The primary block of information that is being written is the Environment block of statements (79 to 97).

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