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By Stephanie Spinner

WATER SPIRIT DAMOSEL, the girl of the Lake, glides via Arthurian legend like a glamorous wraith, shimmering and moving among the worlds of fairies and people. Her wisdom is colossal (magic, steel, men’s hearts) and results in her maximum honor—and worst mistake. Damosel makes a promise to the wizard Merlin to guard younger King Arthur, after which dares to damage it—with devastating effects. all of the whereas, 17-year-old Twixt—a dwarf in an international the place distinction should be deadly—finds himself free of his merciless masters and relocating toward the only position he by no means anticipated to work out: King Arthur’s court docket at Camelot.Stephanie Spinner intertwines the 2 narratives of Damosel and Twixt to attract us instantly into the wealthy Arthurian land of enchantment.From the Hardcover variation.

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And now Sir Tor was facing two opponents. He was not bothered, he stood there eyeing one, then the other as if 54 choosing apples at a fruit stall, not defending his life. I was near pissing myself, yet could not tear my eyes away. Esus ran at Tor waving his dagger, but before he could use it Tor hit him with his shield and caught him on the jaw. The shield was old, but its sharp metal studs did their work. Esus fell back making choking noises, then dropped and lay still. I knew he would stay there dead or no, the fat baby-faced coward.

She, who had never suffered a moment of shyness in her life, was overjoyed. By now the strange and magical occurrences marking this great event are well known. Merlin had a hand in them, but some say his hand slipped, that he lost control. I have often wondered if this was so, but in light of what befell him later, I never had the courage to ask. Still, by choice or by chance, Merlin’s ensorcellation quickly became its own wayward creature, growing and expanding to encompass animals, knights, and ladies; curses and romance; a dwarf; a magic sword; three quests; and a beheading.

Finding the castle gates open, the brothers rode into the courtyard. Paying no heed to the two horses tied there— though they were jigging and pulling uneasily—they dismounted and hurried into the castle. “And there they were met by a most woeful sight,” said Nimue. “Gawaine’s overeager dogs had felled the stag and 43 it lay bleeding on the floor. The lord of the castle, a big man with thinning hair, having stabbed two of the dogs with his dagger, now dropped the weapon with a curse. Ignoring the brothers—who had just appeared—he knelt beside the dying stag.

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