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By Matt MacFarland, Adam Tinworth

During this Age of Darkness Satan's get infest the realm. Blood-drinking demons and savage creatures prey on sturdy Christians or make them heresy. Even the Holy mom Church itself teems with devils in man's flesh. yet God Almighty has visible healthy to settle on a few to face opposed to the tide of darkness. With sword and torch in hand, we hunt down the evil that lurks within the evening. we're the Holy Inquisition. a few Stand for the sunshine darkish a while: Inquisitor is a ebook for enjoying individuals of the Inquisition in the dead of night Medieval global. contributors of mystery orders working via papal sanction, Inquisitors hunt the devils and degenerates who prey on males and defy God, from blood-crazed vampires to pagan warlocks. Inquisitor offers whole structures for making characters (from wielders of holy magic to warrior-monks), a complete new method for blessed skills, and lots more and plenty extra. This books calls for using darkish a while: Vampire.

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