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Offers instructor of English as a international or moment language with forty position performs, to be used with grownup and teen scholars.

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The position is open, and Black's counterplay along the c-file can bring welcome simplification, and the trans­ fer of the queen via b6 with gain of tempo may prove an important resource. l:tb1 , eyeing both the b7-pawn and the b6-square, have been recognized as the main continuations. xe6 22 dxe6 'it'xd3 and White didn't find anything better than perpetual check. d7? xg6 (D), known ••• The heavy use of machine analysis gave White several spectacular wins, but everybody has a computer, and ways to defend success­ fully have been discovered.

E3 (D) 9 0-0 ... ... B We mentioned above that the fact that White has not yet castled allows Black two (rare) ways to seek counterplay. These both feature the pre­ liminary exchange 9 ... cxd4 10 cxd4. Then: a) 1 O ... b5 . xa8 �xa l is a popular choice to register the result. c l , and by combining the attack on the queenside pawns with the transfer of the knight to c6 via d4 White maintains the better chances. �a5+ (D) and now: w b1) The exchange of queens 1 1 �d2 �xd2+ 12 �xd2, leaving the king in centre, is OK with Black, as he has ways to disturb the harmonious arrangement of the enemy forces.

A6 1 5 :c 1 'ife5. txa2. Speaking formally, the change in the pawn-structure favours White: he has now one pawn-island fewer whereas Black has one more, although whether you consider the a7-pawn a passed pawn or a weakness depends on your re­ serve of optimism. In any case, Black is better developed (the a8-rook is already in the ideal place to support the advance of its ward). White prefers to reply in a classical fashion. 'iig5 is also possible. In reply to the probable 1 2 �fl . Black can drop the queen back to f6, but it isn't wholly clear who benefits more from Black's little zwischenzug.

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