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However, it has been particularly prevalent from and throughout the 1990s, and has rapidly increased with the growth of the Internet”. TRIGGERS FOR ‘DISCLAIMERS’ The world is full of fine print, and debating is no exception. Some cases can be clarified and improved immensely by the addition of a few sentences (and no more) of ‘disclaimer’ after the definition is provided. Two triggers in particular bear mentioning. Speculative Debates Many debates relate to issues about the way the future may or may not be.

Younger debaters inevitably argue, “There is lots of money in sport, and sportspeople often do not play with good sportsmanship. ” It is clear what has been missed out: an explanation of how the amount of money in sport causes the poor sportsmanship. If this explanation is not provided, it will be all too easy for the negative team to argue that poor sportsmanship is not dependent on money in sport and that poor sportsmanship exists in amateur sports as well. ‘Failed’ Many topics ask us to judge whether something has or has not failed.

In simple terms, the negative team is expected to oppose the affirmative team, not to oppose whoever set the topic! Ultimately, such ‘invalid negative cases’ should never arise if negative teams follow the correct process of identifying the issue of the debate, as explained in Chapter One. DRAWING A ‘LINE IN THE SAND’ So far, we have examined the situation where the affirmative or negative team proposes a model; that is, where the affirmative or negative team presents a specific policy proposal - a course of action that ought to be taken.

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