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By Wake Forest University, Co-Publication with: The American Branch of the International Law Association General Editor: George K. Walker

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Whiteman’s Digest defines understandings, declarations and statements: … “[U]nderstanding” is often used to designate a statement when it is not intended to modify or limit any of the provisions of the treaty in its international operation but is intended merely to clarify or explain or to deal with some other matter incidental to the operation of the treaty in a manner other than as a substantive reservation. Sometimes an understanding is no more than a statement of policies or principles or perhaps an indication of internal procedures for carrying out provisions of the treaty.

1079, 1122–24 (2000); Ruth Wedgwood, Responding to Terrorism: The Strikes Against bin Laden, 24 Yale J. Int’l L. 559, 566 (1999). My article, The Lawfulness of Operation Enduring FreeÂ�dom’s Self-Defense Responses, 37 Valparaiso L. Rev. 69 Articles 2(4)and 51 are as relevant for LOS issues as for confrontations entirely on States’ land territory. Because of Charter requirements that UN Members agree to carry out their Charter obligations,70 a recommendatory Council or General citing contradicting views of the day.

55 ╇ Vienna Convention arts. 31(1)–31(2). 56 ╇ Aust 236, 424–27; Brownlie 631–33; Jennings & Watts § 632, p. 1273; McNair 365; Restatement (Third) § 325(1) & cmt. b; Sinclair 128. 59 These UNCLOS treaty-trumping provisions raise issues for the place of LOS Committee definitions if a treaty subordinate to UNCLOS does supply a definition. Assuming subordinate treaty compatibility, etc. with UNCLOS, a definition ancillary to a subordinate treaty cannot operate to destroy that compatibility. , a court or perhaps an UNCLOS institution like the Area Authority) accepts a Committee definition, that definition applies to the subordinate treaty to insure compatibility with UNCLOS.

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