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By Charles Briggs

Clash performs a very important position in social interactions, and representations of clash are an incredible element of language. tales and narratives regarding every little thing from warfare to playground disputes generate, maintain, mediate, and signify clash in any respect degrees of social association. nonetheless, regardless of the great volume of analysis on clash and narrative in a few disciplines, nobody has but tested how those play off of one another; in reality, such a lot stories deal with narrative simply as a resource of knowledge approximately clash rather than as part of conflict's technique. The members to this assortment argue that language contains socially and politically positioned practices which are differentially dispensed at the foundation of gender, type, race, ethnicity, and different different types. each one of them, writing from the viewpoint in their personal disciplines, demanding situations prior assumptions approximately narrative and social clash as they interpret quite a number disputes that emerge in numerous settings. Taken in overall, those essays considerably additional our theoretical and methodological realizing of narrative and clash and the way they intersect.

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