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By B. H. Purser, M. E. Tucker, D. H. Zenger

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Purser et 30 MIXING-ZONE AND SEAWATER DOLOMITIZATION MODELS Whitaker and others claim that the hydrology and aqueous geochemistry of magnesium-depleted (but not calcium) groundwaters under northern Andros Island, Bahamas, indicates replacement dolomi­ tization by present-day groundwaters of slightly elevated salinity derived from the mixture of east­ ward bank surface flow beneath the island and cold normal-salinity seawater from the adjacent ocean. Stable isotope and trace element geochemistry of the 'dolomites' (generally samples from Stargate Blue Hole, average only 1-2% dolomite) suggests dolomite precipitation at present groundwater tem­ peratures from waters of near-seawater composition under slightly reducing conditions.

H. Zenger plete the picture we must consider a paper, 'Analyse de Ia Dolomie', published in the same et a!. The main point of interest here is the low content Journal de of magnesium, which seemed to show that dolomite Physique a year later (1792) by Nicolas-Theodore de was, in modern terms, a double carbonate of cal­ Saussure, son of the more famous Horace-Benedict cium and aluminium. Its relative stability in acid de Saussure. (For a translation of Saussure's paper was believed to be due to the difficulty the acids with comments on some interesting problems associ­ encountered in attacking the carbonates of clay and ated with, and arising from, this work, see Carozzi calcareous 'earth'.

Sediments from these ponds are commonly organic·-rich . (C) Core from eastern margin o f salina showing rooted back-dune ooid sands overlain b y transitional salina sediments comprising organic-rich intraclastic wackestone and packstone. After Dwyer (1991) . 5 5 GM -1 4 0 3 -1 GM ] I -2 - GM =Gypsum Mush, UL =Upper Laminated, PEN= Peneroplid, UB = Upper Burrowed, LL = Lower Laminated, LB = Lower Burrowed SalinaUnits: Carbon-14 Ages: o o Fig. 6. Stratigraphic cross-sections along transects 150 m north and south of the salina causeway shown in Fig.

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