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By Howard Brody, Dusty Rhodes

For over twenty years of professional wrestling, Dusty “the American Dream” Rhodes ruled the hoop. identified for his jaw-dropping antics and bone-crunching talents, Rhodes grew to become certainly one of wrestling’s first superstars. during this riveting narrative, Rhodes chronicles his trip via an plagued with political infighting, grasping promoters, damaging personalities, multi-millionaires, and nice leaders.

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Throughout my childhood, there were familial quarrels and squabbles about money, marriage, land, children, friends, politics, anything that could inspire argument or indignation, or, for want of better, mere reproach. I suspect that my family, as a whole, lacked a certain inwardness, a certain privacy of vision, which Egyptian culture tends to begrudge. The Civil Service jobs that some held brought them more boredom than power. Their lands, tilled by distant ghosts, yielded revenues which my maternal uncles prodigally spent on green-eyed courtesans in Budapest, or at the green gaming tables of Monte Carlo.

I saw loyalty, endurance, skill, saw much pettiness and greed as well. I witnessed cruelty, the cruelty of men even to their retrievers. I came to love the acrid smell of gunpowder in empty shells, which I fitted on my fingers, blackening my nails. And I came to dislike captive animals, and to despise any beast domestic to man. In our park, a menagerie contained, at various times, monkeys, gazelles, foxes, hedgehogs, rabbits, hamsters, snakes, peacocks, pelicans, pigeons, ducks, and silkworms. But I lost interest in each soon after its imprisonment in shed or cage.

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