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Bargains readers an intensive knowing of the basics of strength method research and their functions. This name explains either the elemental and complex themes that's supported via numerous solved examples.

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43) The above described approach of self and mutual inductances can be extended to a group of conductors. , In, such that I1 + I2 + ... 8 TYPE OF CONDUCTORS So far transmission lines consisting of single solid round conductors for forward and return paths have been considered. Transmission line conductors used in practice are always stranded to provide the necessary flexibility for stringing. Stranded conductors are also known as composite conductors as they compose of two or more elements or strands electrically in parallel.

4605 n log S |T(r D D aa¢ a ¢ x 1 × Dac¢ .... Dam ) m ab ¢ ab ac Dad .... 50) The average inductance of any one subconductor of composite conductor X is: Lavg = La + L b + Lc + ... 51) Since conductor X is composed of n subconductors electrically in parallel, its inductance is Lx = Lavg n = La + Lb + Lc + ... , Ln in eqn. 53) SX q Dm = ( Daa¢ Dab¢ .... Dam ) .... ( Dna¢ Dnb¢ .... Dnm ) where DSX aa q Dab .... Dan ) .... ( Dna Dnb .... Dnn ) Daa = Dbb = .... 55) Dm is the mn th root of the mn terms, which are the products of all possible mutual distances from the n subconductors of conductor X to m subconductors of conductor B.

Ans. 6. 5 mm. 5 m. Calculate the equivalent radius of a fictitious hollow, thin-walled conductor having the same equivalent inductance as the original line. What is the value of the inductance per conductor? Ans. 5 mm, 46 mH. 7. A telephone line runs parallel to an untransposed three-phase transmission line as shown in Fig. 35. The power line carries balanced current of 400 Amp per phase. Find the mutual inductance between the circuits and calculate the voltage induced in the telephone line. Assume f = 50 Hz.

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