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5). The curved line represents the negative telminal of an electrolytic capacitor, and the straight line represents the positive terminal. An electrolytic capacitor is polarity-sensitive. When it is connected as shown in Fig. 44( A), a small amount of leakage current will Row. When it is connected as shown in Fig. 44(B), very high current will Row, and the capacitor may be destroyed. 1· ,11 1 r 1- IL - - - - - ' · ( A) CO RRECTLY POLARI ZED (8) J I NCORRECT LY POLARIZED Fig. 44. Electrolyti c capacitors are polarity sensitive.

48. Parallel-resonant wave trap. 48 frequency at which the circuit is resonant. It passes signals at other frequ encies because of the low reactance of the capacitor at higher frequencies and the low reactance of the coil at lower frequencies. This effect is not canceled out by the inductive reactance. In the above circuits, either the capacitor or the coil, or both can be variable. The inductance of a coil may be varied by means of taps on its winding and selection of the number of active turns with a switch or with movement of its core within the winding, if it is a radio coil with an adjustable core.

A more complex voltage divider circuit is shown in Fig. 22. The values of the resistors can be calculated so that the required voltages will be provided. But if the current drawn from any of the voltage taps is raised or lowered, the voltages will be 23 El ( E-E l) El -'-- E EJ ( [-£ I -E 2 ) E4 ( E·E I -E2-E l ) Fig. 22. Fixed multi-outputs voltage divider. affected, since the voltage-drop across the resistors will change because of a change in current through them. So far, we have used the terms volts, amperes, ohms, and watts.

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