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By Nancy Madore

Following the overpowering luck of Enchanted, writer Nancy Madore has answered to her fans' pleas for a follow-up with an excellent moment collection—this time made out of fantastically sensual, delightfully debauched and decidedly darker modern day interpretations of vintage nursery rhymes.

Meet Dan, the handyman whose toolbox is filled with surprises…Georgie Porgie, now not the boy who's content material with merely kissing girls…Jessica, who, torn among males, should be lured into the inaccurate web…Peter, whose wife's wandering eye arouses his libido… in addition to a fascinating collection of characters who will entertain and arouse the grownup in you…

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He had not touched her in months. Perhaps he had sensed a change in her after all… Tom was still struggling ineffectually with her nightgown, so Pansy raised her hips to make it easier for his bungling hands. When she was bared from the waist down, she mechanically raised and opened her legs for him as he approached. He began thrusting himself at her, doubly annoying her because, as usual, he had made no preparations or allowances for her to accept him and, even worse, he wasn’t even anywhere near the point of entry where he was blindly and stubbornly jabbing forward.

She noticed that his eyes were fixed on something across the room as he spoke, and she followed his gaze to an odd little statue that she hadn’t noticed before. It sat upon an elaborate footstool next to the bed. The statue was of a vicious-looking gargoyle with a sadistic grin on his hideous face. She wondered suddenly that she hadn’t noticed it. The gargoyle held a sword in its hand, the tip aiming downward and the handle turned outward and up, so that it was pointing toward Pansy and Jack. Pansy did not fail to notice that the handle of the sword was of a similar shape and size of a man’s penis, perhaps a bit larger.

Even as her mind was registering the sound of his belt sliding out from his belt loops, Jack swung it around with vigor and landed it with a loud, resounding crack across the underside of her buttocks. The sound rattled her eardrums with a peculiar ring before the sting of the blow struck her consciousness. There was a subsequent volley of lashes that followed, some four or five at least, before she managed to cry out. She was stunned by how much the blows smarted, and all of her desire of just seconds before seemed to freeze in that instant.

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